The town of Kailua

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N? Mokulua (twin islets) off Lanikai, Oah...
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The town of Kailua is located along the windward coast of Oahu on Kailua Bay and is twelve miles northeast of downtown Honolulu. The name Kailua is translated as “two seas” or “two currents” in Hawaiian because of the two lagoons that create the prolific bay that has become famous around the world. A primarily residential neighborhood, the scenic beauty of charming beaches and picturesque hills has made Kailua Hawaii homes for sale some of the hottest sellers on the market. The local beaches is one of the reasons Kailua is so popular today. Dr. Stephen Leatherman, more popularly known as Dr. Beach rated Kailua Beach as the best American beach in 1998 for its sandy crescent-shaped beach and light to medium waves for surfing and bodysurfing.

However, even more popular today is Lanikai Beach, also a part of Kailua. Not only is the secluded beach hidden along the rocky shore, but the very photogenic view of the Na Mokulua Islands offshore makes for an even more enjoyable beach day experience. The tradewinds help to promote windsurfing, canoeing, and kayaking off of the beach, almost guaranteeing a fun day at the beach. Miles from the hustle of Waikiki, the uncrowded and almost empty beaches of Kailua make it one of the most ideal places to live – especially if you live for the beach and the ocean.